SATAjet® 100 B P®

Special gun for applying polyester filler

Sharply defined fan, fine atomization and low overspray that considerably reduces masking and sanding

Special spray gun for sprayable putty and high viscous filler

  • Fine atomization
  • Exact spray pattern distance
  • Less waste of time covering or sanding surfaces
  • Reduced weight
  • Small size
  • High ergonomics
  • Totally appropriate for Waterborne PaintsIt goes without saying that you can apply any waterborne paint with a SATA paint spray gun. There is only one limitation in this respect: Please do not use the same spray guns for the application of solvent-based as well as waterborne paints. We recommend working with two completely separate sets of spray guns, in line with the two separate paint systems.The CCS (Color Code System) which comes with each high-performance spray gun offers a clever solution to assist you in clearly marking your different spray guns. X» 

Details on the equipment:

  • Continuous round/oval fan control
  • Material quantity can be adjusted