SATAjet® 3000 K spray mix™

Special high pressure fed gun with air assisted atomization

Ideal for spraying large quantities of high viscosity material for high quality surface finishes. Special emphasis is put on what the item is used for such as truck frames, locomotives, containers and ships.

  • The particular advantage: Its adjustment possibilities make it comparable to a classic air-atomizing paint spray gun. The spray fan width may be adapted perfectly to the object.
  • Manual paint spray gun for air-assisted AirlessWith airless application, the material is atomised without air – the material pressure alone allows the atomisation in a very small nozzle. Due to the coarser atomisation, very high transfer rates can be achieved. However, in this case, the surface structure is coarser in comparison to air-atomising application technology.X» units, for highest requirements and longest possible life time
  • Large surface covering capacity, while emitting low overspray and helping to protect the environment
  • Fully suitable for waterborne materials
  • Large nozzle range for ideal adaptation to material and object.


  • Infinitely variable round / flat spray control without pressure fluctuations
  • Paint needle tip and seat made of carbide


  • Inversion nozzle - for easy purging of the nozzle and practical modification of the spray angle