SATA® vision 2000™

The entire head is protected from the contaminated environment providing maximum health protection.

Super Respirator System

  • Lightweight, comfortable breathing hood that thoroughly protects the face, hair and neck from over spray. It is also suitable for persons wearing glasses and persons with short beards or mustaches.
  • Fresh air is supplied steadily through a silencer to the hood without drafts.
  • The air supply has a variable adjustment according to the users requirements, while a shut-off system prevents airflow from being completely shut off.
  • The compact activated charcoal filter is worn on the belt in a protective cage and removes oil vapor and gases.
  • A thin transparent visor sheet prevents reflections and distortion free vision. If the visor sheet becomes contaminated by over spray, it can be replaced quickly and easily.
  • For reasons of hygiene, replacement of the hood lining and the sweatband is very easy.
  • Obviously, the SATA respirator system is SiliconePlastics based on a silicon-oxygen structure.Silicone and silicon-based substances have various fields of application in technology and chemistry. Besides industrial use, the sector of construction coatings appreciates aquaeous dispersions of silicone resins (silicone emulsions)for the application of water repellent finishing on walls.Silicone-based substances change the surface tension. Even very small silicone particles can cause considerable coating flaws (silicone craters). Therefore, silicone-based substances (e.g. gloves, oil etc.) must never be used in coating areas.X»-free, solvent resistant and electrically conductive.
  • Protection up to 100 times the MWC value (maximum workplace concentration).


NIOSHNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - the United States testing authority for worker health protection equipment.X» and CE approved