Spray gun cleaning is an unpopular task amongst painters. SATA cleaning devices reliably help achieve correct gun cleaning which is of vital importance not only in order to maintain proper function of the spray gun, but also to increase the process security in the bodyshop.



For the application of cavity preservation and high solids wax materials a fine and even wetting of the surfaces to be protected is required. To achieve this, the SATA devices use pressurised material and air atomisation. Various lances allow the application of the material in hard to reach places.


Anyagellátó rendszerek

For the application of larger amounts of paint, the SATA material supply systems in combination with pressure fed SATA spray guns are the perfect solution. The universally applicable systems feature easy handling, sturdy construction, long lifetime and little maintenance.


Levegő Pisztolyok

SATA grit blasting equipment allows fast and economic rust removal and descaling from chassis and other hard-to-reach components, such as e.g. fender wells, door recesses, wheel rims. The equipment may also be used on wood to improve the grain to achieve a rustic, wheathered effect.


Szárító Rendszerek

Due to more stingent environmental requirements, bodyshops increasingly apply waterborne paints. Due to their physical properties, the curing of waterborne materials takes longer when compared to solvent-borne. Consequently, longer cycle times reduce the productivity of the bodyshops. The SATA dry jet significantly reduces drying times and cycle times when applying environmentally friendly waterborne paints.