SATA Loyalty Program coins & more

SATA Loyalty Program coins & more

SATA Loyalty Program - coins & more

Exclusively for our customers: Collect SATA Coins & secure bonuses!

The SATA Loyalty Program coins & more rewards loyal SATA customers with SATA Coins that can be exchanged for valuable bonus prizes.
SATA Coins are collected by scanning a QR code applied to SATA products.


Score double with SATA RPS multi-purpose cups!

Point 1: Take a simple and safe approach to your work with SATA RPS multi-purpose cups - the bendable, clean, safe and refillable cup system. 

Point 2: A booklet is sealed to the outside of every RPS box. Open this to reveal the QR code. Now scan the QR code using the SATA Loyalty app and collect valuable SATA coins. You can then redeem the SATA Coins to obtain an attractive bonus prize for your workshop.

You need the SATA Loyalty Program app to collect SATA Coins. It is available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Log onto the app with your personal data and off you go. 
Use the app to scan the QR codes on the packaging of your SATA RPS cups and collect the SATA Coins. Already with just 500 SATA Coins you can choose from super bonus prizes in the bonus shop of the SATA Loyalty Program, which is also available through the app.

1. Download App & register

2. Scan QR code & collect SATA Coins

Important note: Change of SATA coins & more QR Code placement on RPS cartons.
On the outside of each RPS box there is now a shrink-wrapped booklet. Open it and scan the QR Code with the SATA Loyalty App.

3. Redeem SATA Coins for a bonus prize

A wide range of rewards is waiting for you, including helpers for the workshop, multimedia, leisure, home & living, together with selected SATA products.

Collect valuable SATA Coins with every SATA RPS multi-purpose cup

Purchasing a SATA RPS box of 40 cups (SATA RPS 0.3 l, SATA RPS 0.9 l) means 40 SATA Coins, purchasing a SATA RPS box of 60 cups (SATA RPS 0.3 l minijet, SATA RPS 0.6 l) means 60 SATA Coins and purchasing a box of 100 cups (SATA RPS 0.3 l XL) means 100 coins.

The SATA Loyalty Program coins & more is currently available in the following countries

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, Canada, France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Finnland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Luxembourg, Croatia and Portugal.

Our customers about the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more

Refinish painter Manuel has already been using the SATA RPS cup system for three years and has meanwhile also subscribed to the Loyalty Program coins & more.

For one year now, coachbuilder Tobias has also been using the SATA RPS multi-purpose cups – from day one, a dirty workplace in the painting area has become a thing of the past. Thanks to the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more, he can now also redeem attractive rewards with the collected coins, thus benefitting twice! 

Head painter Marc has been joining the Loyalty Program coins & more from day one. What he likes best is the fact that he can get great rewards without much effort.

Facts and numbers of the SATA Loyalty Program

*All information is from 2020 and without guarantee - errors and changes reserved.

more than10,000participants
approx.500bonus prizes

Extra SATA Coins and super discounts!

During selected periods you can benefit from exclusive campaigns just for participants in the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more. You can collect additional coins with every scan, or look forward to reduced SATA Coin prizes in the bonus shop. Information about upcoming campaigns is available in the SATA Loyalty app, via the SATA channels in the social networks or on SATA.com.

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Who can participate?

The SATA Loyalty Program coins & more is available to any customer of an eligible SATA product or employee of a company purchasing eligible products.
The participant or company must be based in a country where the programme is offered. As an employee, a participant also requires the consent of his employer in accordance with the conditions set out in the terms and conditions of participation.

To the participation terms and conditions

Would you prefer your company not to participate in SATA's Loyalty Program coins & more?
Then you can exclude your company and your employees here from participation.