Product details

SATA multi clean 2

Economical. Powerful. Simple.

Paint spray guns should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a day and rinsed after each painting job. This can be done gently, conveniently and economically with the SATA multi clean 2 – the powerful automatic washing machine with hand washing place and extraction unit.

Product Benefits

  • Brush soaked in cleaning agent for manual cleaning
  • Low-pressure air connection to prevent cleaning solution from penetrating the air passages of the spray gun during the cleaning and rinsing process.
  • Powerful, pneumatically operated double diaphragm pump – robust and low-wear
  • Two separate storage containers for the cleaning and rinsing cycle
  • Only 0.2 l of fresh cleaning solution needed for each cleaning cycle – fresh cleaning solution is only required for the rinsing process
  • Replaceable filter mat (Art. No. 38042) to absorb coarse residues
  • Automatic fume extraction system protects the painter from harmful vapours whilst the lid of the cleaning chamber is open

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