Product details

SATA trueSun

Daylight solution. Adjustable brightness. Uniform light distribution.

The SATA trueSun daylight solution has a wide colour spectrum and reproduces colour tones true to original: The even light distribution over the illuminated surface reliably helps bodyshops to find the right colour and to avoid wrong decisions and thus extra work. The continuously adjustable light intensity remains constant over the entire battery life.

Product Benefits

  • Almost like daylight - best possible colour reproduction and visibility of effect pigments
  • Uniform light distribution - across the entire light cone
  • Strong and fast-charging battery - approx. 70 minutes operating time at full light intensity and full charging cycle in approx. 50 minutes
  • Constant light intensity – independent of the battery charge state
  • Infinitely adjustable light intensity
  • Paint defects such as cloudiness can be easily detected

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