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SATA vario top spray

Economical. Powerful. Versatile in use.

The powerful double diaphragm pump SATA vario top spray is the ideal system for continuous processing of larger quantities of material. The SATA vario top spray is a real problem solver in vehicle and industrial painting, in machine construction as well as in wood and furniture painting. All solvent-based paint systems of the most varied viscosities and structures, but also water-based paints, can be processed without problems.

Product Benefits

  • Economic - fast amortisation through continuous operation and high area output
  • Versatile - finest atomization of pre- and topcoats with proven and high-quality SATA paint spray guns
  • Variable - modular device design for optimum adaptation to any task
  • High performance and low wear - through proven double diaphragm technology
  • Robust stainless steel design for water-based paint systems

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