Spare parts for additional products

Item No. 35204
Wear-and-tear parts kit for HRS
Item No. 157305
Item No. 68890
Inflow valve

Manual pressure gauges

Item No. 27771
SATA air micrometer with gauge, 1/4" (male thread) and G 1/4" (female thread)

SATA BVD pressurized cup

Item No. 11973
Pressurized cup for SATA HRS-E

Spare parts for Spray Guns

Item No. 133983
Air connection piece 1/4" (male thread)
Item No. 15438
Paint needle packing
Item No. 3426
Safety washer 4 mm DIN 6799 stainless steel for trigger

Quick couplings

Item No. 8359
Free passage type quick coupling for HKD1, LM/KK, HRS , connection I


Item No. 16048
SATA quick coupling nipple 1/4" (male thread) for wands

Spare parts for Cup Systems

Item No. 54049
Sealing ring (packing unit 4 pieces)

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