Product details

SATA air star C

Secure. Comfortable. For continuous use.

The SATA air star C half mask offers maximum visibility and better breathing protection than half masks with filter cartridges. The activated carbon filter, either as a static unit on the wall or portable on the belt unit, provides clean breathing air. The optimally filtered air is supplied to the user directly into the mask, in a steady stream without any inhalation resistance.

Product Benefits

  • Ambient air independent supply of pure breathing air (protects up to 100 times the TRK value)' also outside the paint booth
  • No inhalation resistance, very comfortable breathing
  • Free vision (protective goggles required)
  • No accumulation of heat and humidity inside the mask
  • Excellent fit for any type of facial contours
  • Very light and comfortable
  • 4 pointed straps for easy handling and safe fit

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