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SATA filter series 200

Product descriptionSATA filter 242SATA filter 244SATA filter 264SATA filter 284
SATA filter 242 L double-stage sinter filter/fine filter without pressure regulator, for pipeline installation (G 1/2" female thread)43752
SATA filter 244 double-stage sintered filter/fine filter, pressure regulator, outlet module (2 x air coupling/nipple 9 mm)44404
SATA filter 264 single-stage activated charcoal filter to retrofit SATA filter 244 to SATA filter 284141226
SATA filter 284 L 3-stage sinter filter/fine filter/activated charcoal filter, for air circuit installation (G 1/2" female thread)189290
SATA filter 284 triple-stage sintered filter/fine filter/activated charcoal filter, pressure regulator, outlet module (2x air coupling/nipple 9 mm)141218
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