Product details

SATA spray master RP

Allround talent in carpentry and painting.

The SATA spray master RP combines trend-setting, mist reduced high pressure technology with the advantageous properties of a material pressure supported spray gun. With this unique combination, almost all paint systems of different viscosities up to thick-film glazes can be processed with excellent painting results.

Product Benefits

  • Allround talent: With the pressurised cup and the wide horn nozzle set, practically any material can be perfectly processed in carpentry and painting.
  • Fine atomisation: the optimised internal nozzle pressure ensures perfect results
  • High efficiency: the transfer rates are significantly higher than the 65% required by the VOC legislation
  • Low air consumption - therefore also suitable for small compressors
  • With the nozzle size "SM" (approx. 1.3) this gun can be used for almost any spray material - only the pressure in the cup has to be adjusted according to the viscosity.

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