Product details

SATA clean RCS

Quick. Thoroughly. Optimized workflows.

The SATA clean RCS is a compressed air operated cleaning system for the intermediate cleaning of the spray guns. SATA clean RCS – the turbo cleaner in the spray booth allows one or more colour changes in succession with extremely short cleaning interruptions, saving additional working distances and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Product Benefits

  • Quick and safe colour changes when using multi-purpose cups (such as SATA RPS) - even with critical colour changes, e.g. black and white
  • No need to disconnect the spray gun or adjust the inlet pressure - automatic pressure adjustment when switching between "spraying" and "cleaning
  • Increased efficiency - through optimized work processes and booth utilization
  • Thorough - Cleaning the material passage and the air nozzle
  • Universal - suitable for water- and solvent-based coating systems

For mounting in the mixing room: SATA clean RCS compact and SATA clean RCS micro

  • To connect large cleaning agent containers
  • Recommended for assembly in the mixing area
  • Space-saving 1-chamber system with the SATA clean RCS micro

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