Pistol stand

Item No. 192195
SATA universal spray gun and hose holder
Item No. 9886
SATA gravity gun holder for gravity cup spray guns

Accessories for cleaning devices

Item No. 189472
Conversion kit external cleaning agent - suction and recirculation


Item No. 53942
Nipple G 1/4 f. GS respirator, UBE + blow-off gun, size 14

Quick couplings

Item No. 13623
SATA quick coupling 1/4" (male thread)
Item No. 13581
SATA quick coupling G 3/8" (female thread)

Compressed air hoses

Item No. 53090
SATA air hose, blue, 9mm, 10 m with quick coupling, red and nipple
Item No. 13870
SATA air hose, blue, 9mm, 1.2 m with quick coupling, red and nipple

Spare parts for Filter Technology

Item No. 10934
Ball tap (Teflon) 1/2" male thread for air inlet

Spare part for cleaning equipment

Item No. 192633
Flexible aluminium tube, 5 m long, complete with two tube fittings, for suction unit SATA multi-clean-2

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