Product details

SATAjet 20 B

Versatile. Extraordinary. Ergonomic.

The SATAjet 20 B has been designed for use in all areas of creative painting: For all kinds of artbrush applications including graphic design, automotive custom painting, model making, artwork and calligraphy – the results are simply outstanding.

Product Benefits

  • Design spray gun with round spray nozzle
  • Ideal for right- and left-handed painters
  • Familiar handling due to spray-gun-like design
  • Material and air flow control
  • No tools required to change air connection - works well on horizontal as well as on vertical surfaces
  • Wide range of nozzle sizes for versatile use
  • Suitable for water and solvent-based paints

SATAjet 20 B design set

  • SATA design set with SATAjet 20 B: Different cup designs such as plastic cup, plug-in cup, glass cup, cleaning set, SATA air micrometer with pressure gauge, gun stand, tool set, nozzle set, PVC compressed air hose

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