Pistol stand

Item No. 192195
SATA universal spray gun and hose holder
Item No. 9886
SATA gravity gun holder for gravity cup spray guns
Item No. 40188
SATA Spray Gun Holder


Item No. 9373
Tool kit

Reusable plastic flow cup

Item No. 125443
Reusable plastic cup, 0.125 l with QCC and fine thread for SATAminijet spray guns (except minijet 4400 B) and SATAjet 20 B
Item No. 128470
0.3 l QCC reusable plastic cup, compl. for SATAminijet 3000 B, minijet 1-4, jet 20 B

Reusable aluminium flow cup

Item No. 125948
0.15 l QCC reusable aluminium cup, cpl.for SATAminijet (except minijet 4400) and jet 20 B


Item No. 99895
Flexible quick coupling nipple G 1/4" (female thread)
Item No. 6981
SATA quick coupling nipple G 1/4" (female thread) (packing unit 5 pieces)

RPS adapters for spray guns from other manufacturers

Item No. 135798
RPS adapter No. 10 with QCC and connection M 10 x 1 (male thread)

SATA RPS Multi-Purpose Cup

Item No. 1010553
SATA RPS 0.3 l minijet, 125 µm flat sieve
Item No. 1010561
SATA RPS 0.3 l minijet, 200 µm plug-in sieve

Compressed air hoses

Item No. 32987
SATA PVC compressed air hose, transparent, 3 m long with G 1/4" (female thread), mini quick coupling and nipple

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